a portrait project | february 2013

When I started this project on January 1 of this year, I inevitably looked ahead to the birth of our second baby and wondered if I could do it. Could I possibly continue taking a photo each day while I was wrapped up in the responsibility of tending to a newborn baby? I was hesitant to start knowing that I could possibly stall out as soon as I got really into the swing of it. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I banked on that and forged ahead. And guess what? I did it! Here we are, 72 days into 2013 (and 21 days with a newborn!) and I’m still going strong. Woohoo!

02.04.2013 — At the end of a long day, it is a nice break for us both for Ava to have some alone time with her favorite tv show (on DVR). She knows she can only watch while we “wait Daddy come home” (wait for Daddy to come home) and she looks forward to climbing in our bed each afternoon. I checked on her while cooking dinner tonight and caught this sweet little peek.

02.05.2013 — Mastering the spoon.

02.07.2013 — A new toy completely made her day today. She didn’t put it down all afternoon and asked to sleep with two of the pieces at bedtime. Her love of bulldozers cracks me up!

02.08.2013 — The sun came out this afternoon, so we spent a little time outside. The wind and the hood made it worse than usual, but I secretly love how her wild hair hangs down in front of her eyes when she plays.

02.09.2013 — Times of rest during this pregnancy have been few and far between. I took advantage of some down time while Allen and Ava napped today and spent a few quiet moments just me and the baby.

02.12.2013 — Ava has tried to hijack almost everything we have bought or set out for the baby. Her most favorite is the “big pillow” (changing pad), and I often find her laying on it in the nursery floor solving the problems of the world.

02.13.2013 — I asked Allen to help me choose a favorite photo from today, and we couldn’t decide on just one. So here’s an “after bath time snuggles” bonus image for today… That look kills me! :)

02.14.2013 — I took her to the bakery this morning for a special Valentines treat. The sugar must have gone straight to her veins because she was being so silly while we ate our cupcakes. I didn’t get that “cupcake” shot I was hoping for, but I love this one of her being her even more!

02.15.2013 — It was a quiet day at home hanging out and following Ava’s lead. She didn’t want to leave the crib after her nap, but requested that a few of her favorite toys join her. She was just as happy as she could be!

02.16.2013 — It was “Big Machine Day” at our local science center. Allen and I were so excited to get Ava up close and personal with her beloved “bull-doh-doh”. Her reaction did not disappoint! She LOVED it, and having her cousin Cade there made it even better.

02.18.2013 — It warmed up this afternoon, so we hit the park to see Ava’s first love “Park BEE!” I only wish you could see this in picture in motion. She was so funny rocking on the bee with her pony tail flapping in the wind.

02.19.2013 — I may regret posting this, but Allen said to do it, and I’m just trying to keep it real over here. I’ve tried really hard to be good this time around, but at this point the ice cream was totally worth it!

02.20.2013 — This photo was part of the sneak peek of birth photography that Wynter sent us. As the weeks have passed, my mind has continually come back to this one as a favorite. Peeking at the clock in the upper corner of the image, my best guess is that this was taken when she was right at an hour old and this was the first few moments we were able to spend just the two of us.

02.24.2013 — Snoozy Suzy.


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katie So impressed that you’ve made it 72 days. Newborn and all. And I absolutely love seeing Ava grow into this precious little girl.
Can’t wait to see how much Anna changes with each photo you take.March 14, 2013 – 11:07 am

robin These are all amazing – I love getting a glimpse into Ava’s day to day!March 14, 2013 – 8:19 am

Amy Creamer These are all absolutely precious Amanda! I miss you and hope y’all are doing wonderful!!March 13, 2013 – 10:20 pm

Deb Wood I love all these photos. Ice cream on the belly is so appropriate for the day before Anna was born!March 13, 2013 – 7:49 pm

Melissa I gotta say, the ice cream belly and Ava on the bee are 2 of my favorites. But Oh sweet baby.. that last one makes me just squeeee!! I can’t wait to love on both of your girls again soon! Love you.March 13, 2013 – 11:13 am