a portrait project | march 2013

Another month, another portrait project for me. Here we are three full months in and going strong. As time has passed and the project has continued, I find myself increasingly attached to the photographs in my “daily” folder. Each image is etched so clearly in my mind and has come to represent that day for me. It is getting harder and harder to narrow them down for these posts. But I suppose in terms of documenting our family life, that is a good thing…

03.02.2013 — A visit from She-She and cousin Maci.

03.09.2013 — My baby girl turned two today. We let her lead the day, taking her to all of her favorite places and ended the night with a surprise cupcake. She was a happy birthday girl.

03.10.2013 — I’m so happy to have a good shot of her eyes open, but this is her true happy place and what we see the most of. Love my itty bitty.

03.12.2013 — She is such an independent little girl and is happy to do her own thing. I love to walk by her room and peek in at what she is up to. It always makes me smile to see her thinking and talking aloud as she plays. These two shots were taken just a few minutes apart.

03.14.2013 — What is it with babies and swaddles? No matter how well I think I did, the little Houdini always manages to wiggle her way out…

03.15.2013 — I meant to get a picture of her coloring at the library today, but on a second look I was struck by those LASHES! She doesn’t get them from me, that’s for sure.

03.17.2013 — We took a trip to the fire station today to see Uncle Todd’s fire truck. She was in big truck heaven!

03.18.2013 — I still can’t get over how chubby this little one is getting. Love her!

03.21.2013 — Look Anna… there’s a baby in the mirror!

03.26.2013 — Play time with the little one.

03.27.2013 — This wasn’t the image I intended to use for this day, but (now looking again several days later) it struck me as *so* her — our little rock collector and backyard explorer.

03.31.2013 — No words…


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Louisa These photos are so sweet! Seriously impressed you are keeping up your photo-a-day!April 5, 2013 – 2:43 pm

Deb Wood Ava looks so grown-up in the 3/27 photo. It is my favorite because I know how much she loves being outside. The first photo of She-She and her girls is precious.April 5, 2013 – 1:14 pm

katie Love these. Still so impressed you’ve kept it up. Hope you turn this into a book when it’s all done.April 5, 2013 – 8:55 am

Tina I love this project, so glad you’ve kept it up! I love looking at the photos on facebook:)April 5, 2013 – 8:44 am