Defacement Of The Surface To Be Painted

Cleaning your surface before painting– The surface to be painted must be clean. You cannot paint walls are remnants of dust or impurities as it will be quite dangerous and the result would be irregular.

If there are chipped or different layers of previous paints should be removed with a spatula. The existing stains must be rubbed first.

In case there are significant imperfections, they must be repaired before painting. With this, we mean that, if necessary, the wall should be retouched so that it is in perfect condition at the time of depiction. You can apply repair putty to fix cracks, holes or any other type of imperfection that may have the surface to be painted. Once the putty is dry, sandpaper is applied to smooth the wall and make sure that the excess putty is removed and that, once washed, the finish is perfect.

How To Paint My House: Procedure

When you are wanting to go from a drab home to a beautiful home through painting, then following our advice will help. After looking over the Previous Sections, after Protecting The Room, preparing the walls and covering with masking tape skirting boards and window frames, we can get into the matter of painting the house.

The place start to painting your house – what you should keep in mind is that you will always start at the ceiling if you touch it. It is a logical and common sense to start at the top because if we start with the walls, the drops of paint that can fall and drip on the walls, spoil the previous work. In that case, it is cleaned with a damp cloth, and thus, when painting the walls later, it will not be noticed.

Another important consideration is that while you are painting your house, adopt a comfortable position and do not force your muscles. Make all the breaks you see necessary. Keep in mind that decorating a home is a task for several days, so take it easy.